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Investment Philosophy

Trident Wealth Management, LLC believes in specifically tailoring each client's portfolio to meet your needs, personal circumstances and tolerance for investment risk. By working with you to develop a written Investment Policy Statement, before an engagement begins, we can be certain that we truly understand your investment objectives.

Implementation of each client's written Investment Policy Statement is carried out by selecting either one or more institutional-caliber money managers to invest your assets or by using a series of low-cost fundamental index funds developed by Research Affiliates, LLC and available without commission through Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.  It is the belief of Trident Wealth Management that independent institutional-caliber money managers have the depth of research talent, financial resources and management experience necessary to provide consistently better investment results over the long-term.

Through the research services of its custodian, Charles Schwab Institutional, the team at Research Affiliates, and the Schwab Center for Financial Research, Trident is able to provide you with continuous monitoring of the money managers that have been selected to invest your portfolio. It is important to make certain that each manager's investment style remains true to form and that the investment results are reasonable when compared to the benchmark index against which each manager is measured.

In general, it is Trident's belief that given we are in a single digit return environment, and may remain so for an extended period of time, most client accounts should contain some proportion of fixed income securities (bonds) in order to generate an income return as well as to balance or dampen-out investment fluctuations in the equity (stock) portion of your portfolio.

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